From installers who evaluated UltraCell from pilot production.
Much better consistency than traditional cellulose. No contaminants or junk in it, so no clogging.

Very easy to use, low dust, good coverage. Overall A!!

Works great for wet-spray application.  The consistency of the material and the way the material and water spray take to each other is allowing me to fine tune the application process to a level I have not experienced before.

Low moisture spray with this material created an installation process that was nearly dust free, and with very little over-spray.  I cut the water by 50% and still no over-spray.
My first experiences during this initial testing have been very positive, beyond anything I expected.
Blows great, with excellent coverage.
A very good product. I was impressed.
I want it!
Didn’t clog even with higher settings than for conventional cellulose.
I am very pleased with this product. Seems excellent for wall applications and attics.