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UltraCell Featured At MIT Sloan Innovation Showcase

June 6, 2016 – Cambridge, MA – UltraCell Insulation LLC, an emerging technology leader in the cellulose insulation industry, today announced that UltraCell CEO Jon Strimling was invited to present at the MIT Sloan Innovation Showcase on June 6. Hosted by the Office of External Relations and the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship, the MIT Sloan Innovation Showcase is a forum for alumni to present new business ventures to an audience of Reunion alumni and guests.  The presentation was well attended and well received.

UltraCell Insulation LLC is launching a breakthrough technology for the production of an advanced form of cellulose insulation and will begin shipping UltraCell from its plant in Buffalo, NY in early 2017.  Founded in January 2013, UltraCell employs a patented process to blend fiber from pulped recycled cardboard with fiber from other clean paper feedstocks, which results in production of an extraordinarily pure and clean cellulose insulation. UltraCell partnered with the Greenpac Mill in Niagara Falls to obtain clean recycled fiber from corrugated cardboard to feed its manufacturing process. Greenpac is North America’s largest and cleanest pulper of recycled cardboard, and also gives UltraCell the benefit of its enormous buying power in paper commodity markets.

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