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UltraCell Completes Successful Pilot Production Run In Niagara Falls, New York

December 18, 2015 – Niagara Falls, NY – UltraCell Insulation LLC, an emerging technology leader in the cellulose insulation industry, today announced that it has completed a successful pilot production run in Niagara Falls, NY.  This is the Company’s second successful pilot, and was undertaken to provide product for field testing by installers, to provide product for preliminary certification testing by R&D Services of Cookeville, TN, and to give the Company’s process engineering team an opportunity to prove out process refinements using industrial-scale equipment.  “Our engineers were happy to come out of the lab and get into a pilot production environment before we scale up in a new plant later this year,” said Jim Austin, President and Chief Development Officer of UltraCell.  “We want to walk before we run.”

Austin continued, “And, as we look to the future, I’ve found that the manufacturing shop floor is often the best laboratory for continuous product improvement.” Austin is in charge of the Company’s current effort to bring up its first plant, and will be in charge of future efforts to site and develop new plants.  A veteran of the pulp and paper industry, Austin has served as President of several firms including Empire Tissue Company, Northeast C&D Recycling, and Besicorp Empire Newsprint, and also served as a Director of Great Lakes Pulp and Paper.

UltraCell Insulation LLC is launching a breakthrough technology for the production of an advanced form of cellulose insulation and will begin shipping UltraCell from its plant in Buffalo, NY in early 2017.  Founded in January 2013, UltraCell employs a patented process to blend fiber from pulped recycled cardboard with fiber from other clean paper feedstocks, which results in production of an extraordinarily pure and clean cellulose insulation. UltraCell partnered with the Greenpac Mill in Niagara Falls to obtain clean recycled fiber from corrugated cardboard to feed its manufacturing process. Greenpac is North America’s largest and cleanest pulper of recycled cardboard, and also gives UltraCell the benefit of its enormous buying power in paper commodity markets.

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